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October 8th - 14th

Tour the Waupun EcoRecover

Join us on the ABO EcoRecover Tour

Participants will tour the CLEARAS EcoRecover, an advanced wastewater nutrient recovery system that delivers clean water for reuse or discharge, decarbonizes client operations, and provides a method of plant-based material generation for eco-friendly product development. The Waupun EcoRecover facility is the largest such facility to date, processing 2.14 million gallons per day and designed to recover over 60 pounds of phosphorus, 480 pounds of ammonia and sequester over 6,500 pounds of carbon dioxide per day. For every 1 pound of algae biomass produced, 2.2 pounds of carbon dioxide are sequestered. 

During this 3 hour walking tour, participants will see all four phases of the EcoRecover process: mixing, recovery, separating and harvesting. At each phase participants will have the opportunity to view a detailed process flow and put questions to facility operators. EcoRecover is built using state of the art equipment and leverages a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system (known as AIMS) to manage the relationship between biological and mechanical processes and maximize performance. 

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